The Bruker Difference


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For over 50 years, Bruker has been driven by a single idea: to provide the best technological solution for each analytical task. Today more than 6,000 employees in over 70 locations around the word focus their efforts on this challenge.

The Bruker name has become synonymous with the excellence, innovation and quality that characterizes our comprehensive range of scientific instrumentation. Our systems cover a broad spectrum of applications in all fields of research and development, are used in industrial production processes and provide the highest sensitivity available in open path remote detection. Bruker continues to build upon its extensive range of products and solutions, expand its broad base of installed systems and maintains its strong satisfaction level for service provided to its customers. As one of the world’s leading analytical instrumentation companies, we remain focused on developing state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions for today’s ever complex analytical questions.

The Bruker Open Path Detection solutions permit precise measurements that deliver immediate detection and automatic identification of hazardous compounds including TICs, VOCs and CWAs within the defined scene. To further enhance the benefits of the Bruker solution, the SIGIS 2 and HI90 provide the advanced feature of chemical imaging. Equipped with real time video cameras to record the scene being investigated, the SIGIS 2 and HI 90 interfaces display an overlay map of the detected compound containing its location within the area selected allowing real time observation.