SIGIS 2: Scanning Gas Imaging Remote Sensing System

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The SIGIS2 is an open path, scanning gas detection system with operational features that offer benefits that are exclusively available from Bruker. Using a single element MCT detector, a multi-component two dimensional image of the user defined Field of Regard (FOR) is created using an automated high resolution scanning mirror. The mirror rapidly scans the image of the scene in small snapshots that are combined by the software to provide an image containing spectral information for each of the scanned points. Containing both spatial and spectral information, any point in the FOR can be examined for the presence of over 40 compounds in real time. An extended library of over 400 compounds can be referenced in a post processing mode for additional analysis. Select here for a sample scan video.

HubschrauberThe SIGIS2 incorporates the same FT-IR spectrometer as Bruker’s EM27 and is routinely deployed in emergency response applications for hazardous material location and identification. Mounted in a mobile unit, the SIGIS 2 is positioned at a safe and convenient distance and the detector head is rotated up to 360 degrees to select the desired general area for the measurement to take place.

Technologies used are protected by one or more of the following patents: US 5923422; DE 19704598SIGIS 2 up white vehicle