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Automatic detection and identification of the compounds present in the area surveyed enhances the superiority of the Bruker remote sensing systems. Providing efficient system control, data acquisition and data analysis, OPUS RS software controls each of the open path remote systems.  For the imaging systems, SIGIS 2 and HI 90, OPUS RS offers versatile image presentation and analysis capabilities to permit any point within the image provided to be studied. The operational controls for these systems, including selection of the area to be viewed (field of regard), positioning of the detecting element, modifying any the performance parameters, etc. are presented in an intuitive user interface suitable for both scientists and emergency personnel.

The standard real-time library includes more than 40 compounds, including VOCs, TICs and CWAs. With the extended library, the data acquired can be correlated against over 400 additional materials. Multiple compounds present? No problem as the OPUS RS software locates and correlates any of the compounds present within the image. Quantitative information in the form of column density is also available.