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VIDEO: Bruker Optics MATRIX MG high performance gas analyzer based on FTIR spectroscopy

VIDEO: EM 27 Sun – Tokyo Campaign

Tokyo Campaign Video:

VIDEO: New Bruker EM 27 SUN Spectrometer

Ammonia Detected with SIGIS 2 from 1.5km Distance

Using the SIGIS 2, this video shows the detection and identification  of ammonia being discharged from a stack at a distance of approximately 1.5km. Note the orange square directly above the stack which is the user defined Field of Regard (FOR). The area within the FOR is rapidly scanned with spectral information being captured at […]
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Building of 3D Image Using Triangulation and GIS

Using GPS technology and GIS data, two SIGIS 2 systems have been triangulated to provide data and information necessary to construct a 3D image of the cloud that is identified. Back to All Videos

Display of Reconstructed 3D Image

Analysis animation created of SIGIS 2 data with final 3D image rotated for evaluation. Back to All Videos

Emission of SO2 from Popocatepetl Volcano, Central Mexico

Using images constructed with data taken with the SIGIS 2 Scanning Gas Imaging System, this accelerated video has been assembled from a series of continuous scans to illustrate the ability to monitor the changing concentrations and movement of captured gas clouds Back to All Videos