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Bruker Optics Remote Sensing solutions present the industry’s largest selection of instrumentation dedicated to open path chemical detection, air quality monitoring, and airborne gas imaging. Utilizing  the most stable and efficient interferometers available as the cornerstone of its FT-IR spectrometers, coupled with state-of-the-art thermal management systems, Bruker Optics Remote Sensing solutions provide the user with the highest degree of confidence in the ability to locate hazardous gases within the scene surveyed. OPUS RS software delivers automatic detection and immediate identification of TICs, VOCs and CWAs from within its real time libraries and permits post-acquisition processing of all scans that are acquired during the measurements.

All Bruker Optics open path systems enable laboratory grade analysis from field applications. For fence line monitoring and ambient air studies, Bruker Optics supplies the EM27 and OPS open path active detection and passive detection systems. These systems have also been deployed for atmospheric studies, stack emission monitoring and diffuse emissions analysis from waste disposal facilities.

Developed for emergency response teams and large area surveillance, the SIGIS2 and HI 90 offer the user the advanced feature of chemical imaging. The chemical image is presented to the operator as a real time overlay on the video image of the area being monitored and contains location, concentration and column density information for any chemicals identified. The intuitive user interface of Bruker’s imaging systems allows minimally trained personnel to easily locate and record the presence of hazardous compounds in the surrounding air from distances of up to several miles. For large areas to be examined, the SIGIS2 scanning gas imaging system offers a standard feature of automated 360° operation.